The Secret To Converting Internet Leads To Clients

Maybe you are like me: I know how to handle a phone call that comes in from a prospect inquiring about a particular property – whether it’s a sign call or an ad call. I garnered the know-how and experience on how to do this from many years of working floor duty.  Working floor used to be a great source of new leads. Over the years, I became really adept at converting those leads to new clients. But sign calls  are kind of rare these days. And ad calls even rarer still! So floor duty is not the bonanza of leads it once was ‘in the good old days’.

Many agents have made the decision to work open houses rather than floor duty to make up for this short fall. And open houses are a great way to have face-to-face contact with a prospective new client. A face-to-face meeting is, hands down, the single best way to build rapport quickly with a new prospect and convert them to a client.

But what has N.A.R. been telling us for probably 10 years now? That some silly number – is it 96%? – of prospective purchasers begin their search for real estate where? ON-LINE!

So if we are to be efficient and effective in generating leads, then we MUST learn how to convert leads from the Internet to clients. You have heard that in order to capture an Internet lead, you must get back to them within 15 minutes – and so much other baloney. Internet leads aren’t really that much different than any other kind of lead. There IS a specific strategy to converting an Internet lead to a client. And to tell you truth, it’s actually much simpler and easier than working floor time or sitting an open house!

The key to converting ANY lead into a client is to simply listen to what they want  – and then GIVE it to them!

But how do you do that with an Internet lead where the only thing you might have is an email address?

Well, yesterday I had coffee with a colleague. Tim has built his business almost exclusively by generating leads from the Internet. He has invested hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in this business model. So when Tim speaks, I listen.  (You can listen to our recent interview of Tim by clicking here now.) And this is how Tim does it:

  1. He has his website set up in such a way that, in order for a prospect to get details on a specific property, the prospect must first register on his site. (A classic ‘V.O.W.’ concept.)
  2. Once the prospect has registered, Tim’s website has the capability of letting him know which property they want details on. With that information in hand, it is a very simple matter to quickly comb the MLS and find two or three other similar properties that are currently available.
  3. He then sends the prospect a personalized email saying, “I noticed you were interested in such-and-such a property. Perhaps you may find these of interest also?” And includes the info on the other properties that he has identified. An important detail: he puts the information right in the body of the email. There is nothing they need to click through or on. The info is right there immediately accessible to them.

And that’s all there is to it. Simple! By following this very simple – but personalized – procedure, Tim has been able to secure 2 new $1,000,000+ clients just in the last 30 days. So whaddya think? Is it worth spending 15 minutes personalizing an email to a prospect in order to secure a million dollar client?

Too bad this business is such hard work, huh?

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